Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Is Auctioning Off His First Tweet as an NFT—and the High Bid Is Already $2.5 Million

It was the post that changed the world in ways no one could have foreseen.

“Just setting up my twtter,” Twitter founder Jack Dorsey wrote on the social media platform on March 21, 2006, referring to it by its original spelling.

That tweet has now been transformed into the digital collectible known as an NFT (non-fungible token), which was posted Friday to the trading platform Valuables. And the current bid, by user Sina Estavi on, is $2,500,000.

Estavi is CEO of Bridge Oracle (a cryptocurrency and data facilitator for TRON, another blockchain platform seeking to “decentralize” the internet) and the blockchain trading platform Cryptoland.

The tech world is in thrall to NFTs, which have made headway in some sectors of the art world as well. February, indeed, was a busy month for the new collectibles.

No less than international auction giant Christie’s last month opened a single-work sale of a blockchain artwork by artist Beeple (aka Mike Winkleman), that runs through March 11. Bidding has risen to $8.3 million from a starting price of $100.

Meanwhile, artist Chris Torres created an NFT in the form of the popular Nyan Cat GIF, and it sold on the NFT marketplace Foundation for $561,000, from a starting bid of $5,000.

“It was crazy,” the artist told Midnight Publishing Group News.

Beijing’s UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, known for being on the cutting edge, announced a crypto art show with big names like Beeple, DJ Deadmaus, and Fewocious. (Those are artists.)

And this month, Grimes sold $5.8 million in NFT artworks, while, elsewhere, a group of financial traders torched a Banksy work on paper and transformed their stunt into an NFT artwork. For International Women’s Day, a group of feminist artists also made a foray into the field, launching an NFT sale of their own.

And it’s only March 9.

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