Takashi Murakami – Japanese Artist

This guy doesn’t need any exposure but I like his work so I’m going to show it.

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His use of such a wide range of colors and playful subjects attract me to his work. I really like the diversity and the fact that he is not afraid to explore and combine unusual subjects. A lot of the reason behind this is probably due to his cultural background or being Japanese. These things seem to be more acceptable within eastern cultures.

There is a lot of ‘playful grunge with a gleam of finesse that makes a sense of fun while being intrigued.

If you explore the gallery photos on other sites you will see that there are a few of his ‘anime’ works that I find a bit unsettling, but I’m sure there is a big enough fan base to provide justification for their existence. Not that… justification is a necessity in art, by any means.

Tashaki’s nuclear demons, playful skulls and flowers provoke thought on what lies beneath the surface of the artists intent, all engrossed within a bubbling cloud of happiness.

I came across his work not by ‘Louis Vuitton as most people of our western world would but by the beautiful perversion of colorful skulls exploding and dripping down the canvas; by seeing the elaborate blue and red dragons sketched in paint across the enormous white walls.

I’ve hand picked a few of his work that I really enjoy for this post. All open to full size photos.













You can view more of Takashi’s work at the following website:



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