From Sotheby’s Selling the World Wide Web to a Court Fight Over Invisible Art: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

Sotheby’s Sells the Web – Information may want to be free, but an NFT associated with the source code for the World Wide Web just sold for $5.4 million.

Thomas Houseago Opens Up – The artist spoke to Midnight Publishing Group News’s Kate Brown about how mental illness, recovery, and trauma are helping to heal him and improve his art.

Statue of Princess Di Unveiled – On what would’ve been her 60th birthday, Princes William and Harry unveiled a new statue honoring their late mother.

Survey Says – The AAMD has released its annual salary survey on jobs in the museum world for a variety of different roles.

Greek Police Recover Stolen Paintings – Authorities recovered a Picasso and Mondrian painting stolen almost 10 years ago in a brazen heist.

Archaeologists Discover Massive Monument – A massive, 4,500-year-old burial ground was discovered in Syria, and experts believe it’s the oldest war monument in the world.

Restitution Rules Change – The Dutch government has made a major policy change to its restitution process, saying that it will return stolen artworks to Jewish institutions if heirs are unable to be found.

Sargent’s Debut Features Socially Engaged Art – Writer-curator Antwaun Sargent’s show at Gagosian features Black artists whose work engages and enhances local communities.

Cuban Artist Arrested – Artist Hamlet Lavastida was detained by Cuban officials as part of a massive crackdown on creative expression.

Invisible Sculptors in Visible Battle – A Florida man is suing the Italian artist who sold an invisible sculpture for $18,000, saying he had the idea first.

Portuguese Collector Arrested for Fraud  Joe Berardo, who opened a museum dedicated to his collection, was arrested over alleged ties to a major fraud scheme.

New Yorkers Protest New Monument – Downtown residents of Manhattan are protesting Governor Cuomo’s plan to build a monument to essential workers, saying they weren’t consulted and do not want to lose precious green space.

Getty President to Depart – James Cuno will retire from the Getty Foundation after more than a decade helming the world’s wealthiest institution.

Flinstone House Wins Lawsuit – A judge ruled that a California woman’s quirky “Flinstone House” can keep its array of Bedrock-esque lawn sculptures.

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