The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

What’s Behind the KAWS Phenomenon? On this week’s Art Angle podcast, Ben Davis discusses his theories behind the metoric rise of the street artist.

A Could-Be Caravaggio – Authorities stopped the sale of a painting that experts now believe is a genuine work by the Old Master painter.

Art Basel Slims Down – The megafair revealed that its Hong Kong edition will host a slew of “ghost booths” and will be half the size of its previous edition.

Mutual Aid Marches On – Networks created during the worst of the pandemic for struggling art workers have no clear end in sight, and may become permanent.

An Art Flipping Donor – In the latest “Wet Paint” column, there’s juicy gossip on the newest location of a David Zwirner gallry, and a collector who reneged on a museum gift.

Parade of Mummies – Egypt threw an incredible parade of mummies across the city of Cairo to celebrate the opening of a new museum.

Picasso Portrait Could Rake in Millions – A 1932 painting of the artist’s young lover could fetch up to $55 million at Christie’s, suggesting a return in market confidence.

Fabergé Lays a Luxe Egg – The latest ornate egg is a collaboration with Game of Thrones to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

More Museums Consider Repatriation – A London museum is creating a plan that would potentially allow for the return of 15 Benin Bronzes.

Sale of Wartime Drawings Cancelled – eBay axed a planned sale of drawings by a Japanese artist interned during World War II after critics said it was profiteering from oppression.

Louvre Never Believed in the “Last Leonardo” – A new documentary reveals that the museum had doubts about the Salvator Mundi’s authenticity all along.

Police Nab Suspect in Lockdown Heists – Dutch authorities arrested one man suspected of stealing both a Van Gogh and a Frans Hals painting from museums during the pandemic.

Couple Mistakenly Mar $500,000 Painting  A couple visiting a street art show in a Seoul mall used paint and brushes on display to add their own mark, misunderstanding the installation.

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