The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

Read the Latest Intelligence Report – Midnight Publishing Group’s Spring 2021 Intelligence report features auction house upheaval, a profile on Robert Nava, and an inside look at the burgeoning experience economy.

Scottish University Returns a Benin Bronze – The first Western institution to fully repatriate a Benin Bronze is being hailed as a major victory by restitution activists.

Rains Unearth an Offering to the Gods – A 3,000-year-old bronze bull figurine was discovered in Greece after heavy rains hit the ancient Olympic site.

Newfields Makes a New Plan – Newfields has released an extensive DEAI plan for its future after a racism scandal rocked the museum and forced the director out.

The Ghent Beefs Up Security – One of the world’s most frequently stolen artworks, the Ghent Altarpiece, now has a $35 million high-tech display case.

Banksy Makes Bank – A work that the anonymous street artist bequeathed to the NHS during the pandemic brought in millions at Christie’s.

Another Museum Drops Sackler Name – The formerly named Serpentine Sackler Gallery is ditching the infamous family’s name, but says it’s just a rebranding effort.

Van Gogh Posthumously Supported His Sister – New letters reveal that proceeds from the artist’s paintings helped pay for his sister’s mental health treatment.

The People Behind Beeple – The crypto capitalists who bought Beeple’s $69 million work unleashed a manifesto detailing the reasons behind their purchase.

A Mega Painting Fetches Millions – Artist Sacha Jafri sold the world’s largest painting for a staggering $62 million to a crypto entrepreneur.

Bourriaud Booted from French Museum – The art philosopher Nicolas Bourriaud was ousted from the museum he founded after a dramatic board meeting.

Santiago Sierra’s Bloody Project Axed – The artist’s plan to soak the British Flag in indigenous peoples’ blood was cancelled after public outcry.

The Beeple Museum Is a Money Trap – Midnight Publishing Group News’s Ben Davis visited the digital museum, and was not surprised to find it lacked artistic merit.

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