The Art Angle Podcast: How the Pandemic Totally Changed the Art Market

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Amazingly enough, it’s now the spring of 2021. That means the weather is warming, the grass is greening, and the little buds are drinking in the cool rain.

But more to the point, it means that we’ve made it through the terrible pandemic winter and are emerging into a strange new world that is very much changed after a full year under the shadow of the coronavirus. In the art industry, normality is still far in the distance, but we’ve learned a whole slew of lessons that have perhaps made us better adapted for the future ahead.

What those changes have been and what those lessons might be are the subject of Midnight Publishing Group News’s brand-new spring edition of the Intelligence Report, which mines reams of auction results from the Midnight Publishing Group Price Database, along with dozens of interviews with art professionals, to explain the state of the art world, from auction houses to galleries, appraisers, and collectors.

So what did we learn? This week, esteemed editor of the Intelligence Report Julia Halperin joins us for an analysis of the data, and what that means for the future.

Download the Spring 2021 Intelligence Report here

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