From Roxane Gay’s Collecting Habits to the Plunging Price of NFTs: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

Netflix Probes the Gardner Mystery – The streaming giant has a new doc revealing the gangsters who may have been behind the $500 million art heist.

Sotheby’s Sells – The auction house’s first NFT sale raked in $17 million with works by the artist known as Pak.

Urs Gets Into NFTs – Urs Fischer’s first foray into NFTs sold for almost 100 times its high estimate on the Fair Warning app.

Roxane Gay’s Amazing Art Collection – The influential author and activist spoke to Midnight Publishing Group News about her impressive treasure trove.

Banksy’s ‘Vandalized’ Painting to Helm Sale – A painting Banksy edited to comment on climate change will lead Christie’s June auction.

UPenn Museum To Return Skulls – The Morton Collection has opted to restitute more than 1,000 human skulls that were collected unethically.

Star Power Surges Sale – Celebrity podcaster and actor Russell Tovey helped Sotheby’s bring in $8.5 million in its latest Contemporary Curated auction.

Hauser & Wirth Adds Another Outpost – The mega-gallery has added yet another location to its stable of tony outposts, this time in Monaco.

Survey Says – An unsettling report from the American Alliance of Museums reveals that one-fifth of museum workers do not plan to remain in the field long-term.

France Says ‘Non’ To Galleries – A court ruled that galleries must remain shuttered for public safety, although auction houses and other commercial entities are open.

Another Chapter in the Salvator Mundi Saga – A new report states that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t lend the “last Leonardo” to the Louvre because curators refused to hang it next to the Mona Lisa, not because Louvre officials thought it was fake.

NFTs No More? – In just over a month, the prices for NFT artwork have plunged almost 70 percent.

MSCHF Settles With Nike – The art collective agreed to recall the ‘Satan’ sneakers created with a drop of Lil Nas X’s blood.

Russian Artist Stands Trial – Yulia Tsvetkov is accused of disseminating pornography for her body-positive drawings of women’s genitalia.

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