Macabre Artists

Illustrations by Andrew Ferez

Andrew Ferez, was born and raised in Russia as an artist who cultivated his creativity in the arts at an early age and mastered his abilities and knowledge ever since, in an endless process of perfection.

Andrew’s work is a combination of dark and twisted horror with a soft hint of solace and beauty.

Andrew’s illustrations move us into the abysses of our mind, showing us unimaginable worlds that are both macabre yet oddly familiar and whimsical.

A lot of his works are created with two dimensional mediums but in some of his latest work he has used CGI to take his his creative notions into the third dimension. Quite a bit of his illustrations are already created as book covers. He currently tracks his work on his blog and has quite  a few of his newest works shared on Deviant Art.

For more of Andrew’s work visit his Deviant Art page here: